Private Insurance Carriers

Most people who have health insurance in Massachusetts buy coverage through their employer. Small business owners and individuals can also purchase health insurance through the small group or individual health insurance markets. The Massachusetts Division of Insurance is responsible for licensing all health insurance carriers in the Commonwealth. Visit the Division of Insurance website for an up-to-date list of all private companies licensed to write health insurance policies in Massachusetts.

To purchase private health insurance, you can contact the health insurance carriers directly for information about plans and pricing, work with a licensed broker, or shop for health coverage through the Massachusetts Health Connector.

Massachusetts Health Connector

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The Health Connector offers health and dental coverage from the state’s leading insurers and provides tools for Massachusetts residents and small businesses with up to 50 employees to find cost savings and plans. The Open Enrollment period for Massachusetts individuals and families ended in January. However, you can apply at any time of the year if you are applying for dental plans or help paying for health coverage including MassHealth, Children’s Medical Security Plan (CMSP), Health Safety Net, or ConnectorCare. Or, if you experienced a qualifying event. Visit the links below to learn more.

Find information about health insurance and dental insurance carriers
Contact the Massachusetts Health Connector for assistance

Accessing Mental Health and Substance Use Services

To better understand the mental health and substance use benefits covered by your health plan, it’s best to visit your health insurance carrier’s website or contact the customer service number on your health insurance card.

The Massachusetts Division of Insurance also requires health insurance carriers to have dedicated staff available to help people, when necessary, with setting up appointments with mental health and substance use providers. Please find the Massachusetts health carriers’ dedicated phone lines to call for help accessing both non-behavioral and behavioral health care services.

Thanks to state and federal mental health parity laws, health insurance carriers are required to treat mental health and substance use benefits the same as physical health benefits. This includes cost sharing responsibilities, prior authorization requirements, annual and lifetime limits, etc. If you think your parity rights are being violated, you can file an insurance complaint with the Massachusetts Division of Insurance. You might also be eligible to receive free legal assistance from Health Law Advocates if you have been denied coverage for specific health care services.

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